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About Medical Treatment Expo

Tashikka Expositions brings a premium B2C Medical Treatment Expo for the first time, which involves the largest gathering of healthcare professionals. Tashikka's Medical Treatment Expo will endeavour to bridge the gap between the increasing demand for quality health and medical treatment and the available options at the most competitive prices. We are here to provide a unique platform for various medical institutions to exhibit their treatment facilities in high potential markets.

Medical Treatment Expo brings home medical communities under one roof, providing attendees and exhibitors with opportunities to build successful medical relationship.

Kenya Healthcare Industry

Kenya Healthcare Industry

In Kenya there is scarcity of medical resources, both in technology and personnel. East Africans spent about $1 billion seeking medical healthcare in India annually. The Indian companies marketing in East Africa can provide cheaper health-care than private African Hospitals They can deploy managerial and technical experts from its operation in India, where about 4,000 medical tourists seek attention annually, 40 percent of them African.

According to the Indian High Commission, Indian hospitals received 18,000 Nigerians on medical visa in 2012, 47% of the Nigerians were in India to receive medical treatment and spent approximately $260 million USD. According to Rohini Sridhar, Chief Operating officer of Apollo Hospitals, the number of international patients visiting the hospital has been witness an increase of 20% every year.

A&K Global Health reveals that of all the people in Africa who travel abroad seeking medical help, 95% go to Asia, only 4% go to Europe and a paltry one per of Kenyans who travel for medical care choose to go India, with South Africa coming a distant second with just 15%. India is perceived to offer the best care at the most attractive rates.

Oshwal Centre, Nairobi

Oshwal Centre, Nairobi

The Oshwal Centre is a facility which is of highest standards. The centre can easily accommodate up to 4000 people in the entire complex. This makes it one of the largest such facility in East Africa.

Located at Parklands, Nairobi is commonly referred to as Parklands, the neighbourhood city of Nairobi, capital and the largest city in Kenya. It is divided into numbered avenues. The name arises from the proximity of the area to City of Nairobi.

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  Oshwal Centre, Nairobi